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giovedì, 02 febbraio 2012


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[..YouTube..] @SomeUser9753What you are talking about, Merkel do not rule a shit, her gomnrnveet is the problem.3/4 of Europe is indebted, at this rate, only Germany can't do anything against the failure of the unwanted Union.The European Central Bank would be able to solve many problems like the Federal Reserve in US, but the germans fuckheads oppose, and the global economic crisis grows.17 November 2011, 03:50

[..YouTube..] @TheMeglioinItalia You're such a moron! Ask yourself why ppl bring their money to us? Because we are rbaelile and your money is safe. Don't mention what happened during World War II. Its a fact that we made also did mistakes, but on the other hand we saved the lives of many thousands of innocent ppl whom we granted asylum! Meanwhile Italy glorified their mass murderer Mussolini! Yes, Italy is the 3rd largest economy in Europe overall. But the GDP per person in I. is 35'000 $ and 9 November 2011, 14:45

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