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sabato, 30 agosto 2008


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I've been searching arnoud on progressive sites like Common Dreams and Rabble, and it's really despairing to see Mugabe apologist perspectives so vigorously defended. There aren't actually many of them, but the know that what they believe is right, they are relentless, and they are vocal. In some cases, I think they are simply trying to play devil's advocate (which I think is horribly misguided in this case), but some of them, especially Marxist- Leninists and probably Trotskyites, still see Mugabe as a hero of some kind. As if "left-wing" strongmen can't be as evil as those of the right-wing persuasion. That is, if Mugabe's left credentials are even still in tact, which I would suggest they are not and have not been for a long time.Of course, it doesn't help that there are some who say colonial rule should never have ended. That's not true either, and it just eggs the Mugabe apologists on. It would be nice if we could have discussions where we focus on what Zimbabwe needs right now.

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